How to Create Table in SAP ABAP Step by Step with Picture

25 October 2017
October 25, 2017

In this section let me share tutorial how to create table in sap abap step by step, also how to create Data Element and Data Domain with picture for you. The scenario is create very simple table with five field below :

  1. Go to t-code SE11 and select the Database Table, fill your table name that you will create for example ZTB_TEST1 and push button Create
  2. Fill the description for your table, Delivery Class with A – Application table (master and transaction data) and Data Browser/Table View Maint. With Display/Maintenance Allowed
  3. Go to tab Fields and fill like below picture for MANDT and EMP_ID, look at Data Element ZDE_EMP_ID don’t have Data Type,Length,Decimal and Short Description, this is because the data element ZDE_EMP_ID not yet created. So lets create that with double click at ZDE_EMP_ID

  4. It will be show popup like thisplease select Yes, and choose Local Object button because we only created testing table.


  1. Next popup will show the questions = Data Element ZDE_EMP_ID not available Create the data element?, Please choose Yes. After that the screen will show new form and please fill like below exampleNext Go to tab Field Label and fill like picture and press Ctrl + S (Save)


  2. Back to the tab Data Type and Double Click at ZDO_EMP_ID , and lets create the Data Domain for that and Activate (Ctrl+f3) and then press button Back and Activate too for the Data Elementif you success create Data Element and Data Domain, the Data Type , Length,Descimals and Short Description will be show like this
  3. Do again step 3 until 6 for the next field until like picture below
  4. Choose Technical Setting button and Save9. For the last step is Activate the Table and status will be display Active, Done


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