Tutorial How to Create Ranges Table in SAP ABAP

26 October 2017
October 25, 2017

Hi Everyone,
Let me share to you tutorial how to create ranges table abap. Ranges table help us for select data from database more easy. The structure for ranges table same with Select Options in the selection screen. The different is the ranges table can call by every program in sap. Let start with that :

  1. Create structure via SE11 tcode with field SIGN, OPTION, LOW and HIGH
  1. Go to SE11 and choose Data Type -> Create, Fill the Short Text and go to menu EDIT -> Define as range Table Type
  2. Fill data element with your type data example : LGART , and Structured Row Type with structure that we created before and Activate

You can use the ranges table type like code below

*notes : you can easily create ranges internal table in program without select option with syntax TYPE RANGE OF [Data_element],but just for local only, if we need to call to another program please create like this tutorial



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