Tutorial how to enhance new additional field in standard SAP HR infotype

25 October 2015
October 24, 2017

in this tutorial , i will guide you how to add one field into standard infotype 0002 ( Personal Data ). the new field is Blood Type with database type char and length is 2. follow step below :

– Go to tcode PM01 choose single screen

– Fill Infotype No with 0002 or wathever infotype you want to enhance

– Click on generate object button
enhance new additional field step 1

– If we found popup message just click on create button to continue

enhance new additional field step 2

– here we must fill fields like create table or structure in T-COODE SE11, the field named ZBLOODand activate if you are done in this step

enhance new additional field step 3

– Back to the main screen PM01 and choose subobject radio button to Include Screen

– Done and we will see the new field Blood Type , all additional field will grouped in the Additional Field group by default



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