Example Program ALV GRID Report with Header

24 October 2017
October 24, 2017

Hi All,
Let me share code example for report with ALV grid. This report get the data from table SPFLI without any relationship with other table in F_GET_DATA subroutines. Selection screen only have one select options and will pass into where condition when call query into SPFLI table.

alv grid 1

The result after execute will be like below :

alv grid 2

Subroutines explanation :

F_GET_DATA = get all data and fill into one internal tables

F_BUILD_LAYOUT = Set the layout options

F_BUILD_EVENTS = Set the event for report

F_BUILD_CATALOG = Set Catalog for column in report

F_DISPLAY_ALV_REPORT = call the function REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY for display alv report

F_TOP_OF_PAGE = Here set for the header report

F_USER_COMMAND : use this subroutines for catch the user command


Lets check this code for the report :


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