Step By Step ABAP Tutorial Display Table In Smartforms SAP

2 October 2014
October 26, 2017

In this section, I will expain to you how to make table in smartforms. The table that will be show is SCARR, it is table standard on SAP IDES. The scenario was same with previous tutorial but now we must select the table SCARR and stored into internal table that will passing into smartforms’s parameter.

ABAP table smartforms 7

See tutorials below

  1. Make program in SE38 with code below :

  1. Go to Smartforms Tcode and create new smartform or you can modify smartforms from previous smartforms.
  2. Look at Form Interface, Fill the Import  parameter with Parameter
    Name : TITLE    Type Assigment : TYPE         Associate Type : CHAR30
    Tables Tab
    Parameter Name : SCARR  Type Assigment : LIKE Associate Type : SCARR     
  3. Go to Main Window and Create New Text (Previous Tutorial) and fill with fields &title&.
  1. Create Table, Right Click and choose Create -> Table
    ABAP table smartforms 1
  2. In the Table Tab, Create 4 Column
    ABAP table smartforms 2
  3. Go to Data Tab and fill like below statement (declare ls_scarr in the Global Definition with type SCARR)
    ABAP table smartforms
  4. In the Header create Table Line , choose Line Type with LTYPE1 and create Text in every Cell and fill with Airline Code, Airline name , Currency Code and URL.

  5. Same with step 8 but you must fill Text with variable &ls_scarr-carrid&&ls_scarr-carrname&,&ls_scarr-currcode& and &ls_scarr-currcode&
    Done and you can test the program

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