Step By Step Tutorial ABAP Smartforms for Beginner

2 December 2014
October 24, 2017

This article will show you about how to make Smartforms in SAP ABAP. Smartform is custom form that can build to replace standard form from SAP and we can modify it. the scenario program still use tcode SE38 then call function module SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME to call smartforms. we will try to display Hello World for example. let me show you in code below :

Activate the program and go to SMARTFORMS Tcode

Create ZSF_TEST1 for example,

Fill the meaning for your description

ABAP Smartforms 1

Go to  Forms Interface (Double Click), in Import tab add new

Parameter Name with : TEXT      Type Assigmnet : TYPE and Associated Type : CHAR15

ABAP Smartforms 2

In Pages and Windows –> MAIN Main Window, Right Click and choose Create  –> Text

For adding variable to Text click menu Insert Fields

And then fill with &text& (name parameter in Form Interface –> Import )

Activate and execute the program

OutputDevice –> LP01

And Click Print Preview

If you success output display be like this


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